The Journey

What's the perfect recipe for a happy dining experience?

Take heaps of entrepreneurial spirit, endless persistence and many years of experience managing Italian cuisine restaurants both locally and throughout New Zealand. Add to this genuine value for money, organic dough, traditional tomato sauce, fresh local ingredients and — of course — a huge pinch of friendly atmosphere!

A Slice of Italy

We aim to keep you coming back. Our Pizza Forno is proud to offer delicious organic dough, fresh tomato sauce and top quality mozzarella on each and every pizza we serve — all with exceptional service and ultra-convenience, from our kitchen to your doorstep

Indulge yourself with freshly cooked homemade Italian meals, original Parma, and home-made pasta for a truly authentic experience.

Try a slice of Italy right now, but be careful — you may just become addicted to our captivating Pizza Forno.